- Cookie & Elodie -

"Today, Bruce is still at Silver Fern Stables, and in good health. He is a sweet, gentle, horse, who can be ridden (though he has not been in about 6 months or so)."

"As we also discussed, Shelby is Special Needs, on the spectrum, and our focus now is getting her independence. She has recently moved out on her own, with our support, which is going to require a lot of our financial resources going forward. As such, we just simply cannot continue to pay the board for Bruce, and are looking for a good home for him. We are offering him at no charge of course, and can assist, if needed with transportation cost to his new location. I have attached a few photos, along with a statement from Shelby about her horse. I have also included contact information for his current stable, as well as for his vet."

Statement from Shelby
I feel in love with my little pony the moment I first saw him. I knew that with love and care and a new home, he could be a great horse. He is very sweet, gentle and smart. I loved just spending time with him, riding in the arena, going for walks or sitting in the pasture beside him while he grazed. He is also a good sport, allowing me to dye his mane, give him hair (mane) cuts, and putting on fun and silly colored wraps on his legs. He will make a great pony and companion for his next owner.

- Sadie -

​Assisted Adoption

All For Honour 10 year old bay mare (blaze face) Tb very healthy raced 9 times last race 5-20-12 had a bad foaling 2 years ago, not suitable for breeding. Should be sound for light riding but has not been ridden since 2012. Had an old back end injury, undiagnosed in 2012, is sound in pasture. Very active in pasture runs and plays with 3 other mares, easy to work around, has alot of energy, not suitable for beginner.

Cowboy, 20 year old Quarter horse, healthy, pasture sound, has not been ridden for about 6 years except short time at a therapeutic riding center last year, was doing fine but then got annoyed at side handlers and was sent back. Used to be 4H horse and also used as pony horse at racetrack. Was good to ride in group, did not like going out by self.Very easy keeper, has not had shoes on in years but was shod in front when was ridden. Turned out with a pony currently. Has been sound but will get a little foot sore after trimming.

Contact Sharon: 847-344-6396

- Princess -

HARPS Adoptables

Horse's location/boarding facility: 
Sugar Grove, IL (I88 and Orchard Rd.)
Horse's name: Princess (not registered)
Breed/Type: Paint grade mare (draft/quarter cross)
Age: approx. 16 y/o  
Height: 15.1 hands 
Weight: approx. 1250 lbs per recent weight tape measurement
Feet: Barefoot
Health issues:    Princess is an IR (insulin resistant) horse who is currently about 200 lbs overweight. She suffers from chronic, recurrent lameness as well as moderate osteoarthritis and a suspected old soft tissue injury in LF. Because of her conditions, she shouldn't be confined to a stall, but also needs limited access to pasture or must wear a grazing muzzle. 
Thyroid is ok, as are ACTH levels (as of 11/15)
Diet:   AM & PM: 1/2 lb of KERX ReLeve (boarding facility's house feed) mixed with 1/2 cup Omega Horseshine flaxseed, 2 oz. AniMed Remission, and 2 oz. of U-Gard pelleted supplements
2 full slow feed hay nets filled with grass only hay
No pasture turnout
Medications: 1 tab 57mg Previcox daily

- Bruce -

OTTB Thoroughbred - Chestnut Mare aprox. 16hh; born in Kentucky on March 15, 2005. Current Location – St. Charles, IL Private Farm

Juliette is a gentle, pleasant and very smart mare. She is ridden occasionally on her good days at the walk and trot for up to an hour,  I go easy on her.  Supplements help her have mostly good days. She loves to work a routine and learn new things. She responds correctly to gentle aids and pressure. She learns very fast and enjoys a kind, gentle leader. She is careful and graceful in her movement. She has beautiful body conformation. Great on cross-ties, grooms very well, loves soft brush and sponge on her face, loves her tail and main groomed, lifts her hooves for picking and tacks well. She showers in the wash rack. Excellent hand walking behavior; backs up, moves over, let’s you lead and halts on command or when you stop. Lunges at walk, trot and canter both directions; stands still at mounting block. She’s been ridden at the walk and trot. She responds excellent with the lightest body aids and slightest rein squeeze. She does circles, figure eights, direction changes, serpentine, spirals, leg yields, halts from rider’s body aids, walks/trots over poles, moves around cones, works on dressage intro level foundation. She works in the indoor arena, walks around the property, in and out of the barns and works in the outdoor arena weather permitting. She is familiar with cats and small barking dogs. She is a great companion in the pasture. All the horses love her. She eats carrots out of your hand very gently and takes small bites to the end where she is careful not to bite your hand. I’ve taken care of her for six months. She runs and greets me from the pasture as soon as she sees me; lifts her head says hello when I enter the barn. She has moderate navicular that responds well to supplements. She is shoeless now but might respond well to front shoes. She would make a good gentle boss mare for babies, companion horse for retiree, pleasure trail horse, or a horse to learn from. She has a lot to give. 

Trainer/Groomer:  Ava Sands 630-776-3828
Barn Manager:  Marge Croxall at 630-650-1211 Contact for detailed information on vet, farrier, teeth, shots, etc.
Additional Information I researched about Juliette:
Tattoo Registry I43824
Pure Bling - Track Record History and Videos
Churchill Downs Race – This is one race found on YouTube.

Princess is a former beginner lesson horse whom I adopted from the program in November of 2015 after it was deemed she was no longer suitable for the program. Unfortunately, due to no fault of her own but personal financial constraints and a job loss, we are no longer able to provide boarding and proper care for her. 

Princess is the 'Steady Eddy' type with a sweet, laid back, mellow personality. She was always the go to horse for children's birthday parties, pony rides, grooming, painting, you name it. She is familiar and comfortable with large crowds, small children, walkers/wheelchairs, erratic movement, side walkers and dogs/cats, etc. She doesn't easily spook and not much rattles her. 
There's nothing she loves more than being around people and being loved on. She's patient, tolerant, and forgiving but still full of life, willing, and strives to maintain boss mare status among her herd mates. 
She has been ridden both English and Western. However she is hard to fit due to her 'stocky' nature. She is in the process of losing weight but has a ways to go. She moves out alone and enjoys leisurely trail rides. Due to her various medical conditions, she would only be suited for light riding at a walk. She is currently lame at a trot. Therefore, she is not a suitable candidate for a lesson program or therapeutic riding program.  

Contact: driven0327@gmail.com

Sadie is a big beautiful mare. She is a 7 year old Canadian Sport Horse. Registered name is Mercedes TRT. She is 1/2 Trekkaner, 1/4 Thoroughbred, 1/4 Clydesdale. Sadie is looking for a new home as a companion. She has had one foal and was a great mother. I purchased Sadie as a project over the winter. She had been started as a 3 year old but was nervous and her prior owner gave up and put her to pasture. She is a beautiful mover with a lot of potential as a hunter, jumper, dressage, or event prospect and I was super excited to give her another chance. I have had a lot of experience with trouble horses and felt confident we could bring Sadie along. She has made great progress since I have had her but I have come to the decision that she is just not safe enough to be ridden. I am not sure if it is physical or mental. She is sound and smart but very sensitive. She will be fine for a while and will buck me off. Most recently she has gotten too dangerous to ride after weeks of great progress. I am extremely sad to have to rehome her but I feel it is best. She is safe on the ground but does require a confident yet kind handler. She is sweet, I have never seen her pin her ears, does not kick or bite, and is a barn favorite. I do not keep her in a herd but her prior owner did and said she thought she was middle of the herd. Nothing would make me happier than for her to find a loving home where she can be happy.

- Juliette -

- All For Honour & Cowboy -

28 year old
Rocky Mountain Horse; gelding
Approx 14.2 hands 
Gentle towards people and other horses he was a personal rescue 19 months ago. He was ridden and my daughter would walk and lunge him. He is in much improved health and sound, especially given his past condition.

We came by Bruce unaware, as our special needs daughter performed her own personal rescue from a farm near Harvard in January, 2015. We were unaware of the rescue, until we got a bill for transport and boarding from a stable in Hampshire! Bruce was in very poor condition from neglect, and it was touch and go as to whether he would survive. After a few months in Hampshire, we had him transferred to Silver Fern Stables outside of Woodstock, where under the care of stable owner, Keith McConnell, and Dr. Rachel Kane, Bruce made remarkable progress."