“FRISCO” 30 year old (approximately) grade Bay Quarter horse.  Taught many people to ride, but now is only pasture sound. Requires supplements for his arthritis/old age issues. Very gentle with people and will do anything asked. He is the leader of the herd, but is very kind and forgiving.  Bonded very strongly to Mabelline.



- Bruce -



“MARIAH” DOB 2005 Chestnut Sabino Spotted Saddle/Racking Horse  (Twin sister to Handsome!) She had a rough start at life, weighing only 25 pounds. But she was a fighter. Not been started under saddle. Laid back disposition. Loads/ties/clips/bathes. Approximately 13.3 hh

"All For Honour & Cowboy"

28 year old
Rocky Mountain Horse; gelding
Approx 14.2 hands 
Gentle towards people and other horses he was a personal rescue 19 months ago. He was ridden and my daughter would walk and lunge him. He is in much improved health and sound, especially given his past condition.

We came by Bruce unaware, as our special needs daughter performed her own personal rescue from a farm near Harvard in January, 2015. We were unaware of the rescue, until we got a bill for transport and boarding from a stable in Hampshire! Bruce was in very poor condition from neglect, and it was touch and go as to whether he would survive. After a few months in Hampshire, we had him transferred to Silver Fern Stables outside of Woodstock, where under the care of stable owner, Keith McConnell, and Dr. Rachel Kane, Bruce made remarkable progress."

20+ years old 16 hand OTTB gelding.
Broke to ride but hasn’t been ridden in a few years  ( pleasure/ trail). 
Sound and in good health.
Stands fine for farrier and vet. 
Gets along fine with other horses in paddock.
Located in Frankfort Illinois.
I’m in need of a good home for Albany where he’ll be loved and spoiled. I’ve moved out of state so I can no longer get out to see him. And unfortunately I don’t have the means to care of him along with the cost of boarding him. 
I can be reached by email @ or phone or text @ (708)870-5247


"Cookie & Elodie"

"Today, Bruce is still at Silver Fern Stables, and in good health. He is a sweet, gentle, horse, who can be ridden (though he has not been in about 6 months or so)."

"As we also discussed, Shelby is Special Needs, on the spectrum, and our focus now is getting her independence. She has recently moved out on her own, with our support, which is going to require a lot of our financial resources going forward. As such, we just simply cannot continue to pay the board for Bruce, and are looking for a good home for him. We are offering him at no charge of course, and can assist, if needed with transportation cost to his new location. I have attached a few photos, along with a statement from Shelby about her horse. I have also included contact information for his current stable, as well as for his vet."

Statement from Shelby
I feel in love with my little pony the moment I first saw him. I knew that with love and care and a new home, he could be a great horse. He is very sweet, gentle and smart. I loved just spending time with him, riding in the arena, going for walks or sitting in the pasture beside him while he grazed. He is also a good sport, allowing me to dye his mane, give him hair (mane) cuts, and putting on fun and silly colored wraps on his legs. He will make a great pony and companion for his next owner.


Patty & Buck

HARPS Adoptables

Princess is a former beginner lesson horse whom I adopted from the program in November of 2015 after it was deemed she was no longer suitable for the program. Unfortunately, due to no fault of her own but personal financial constraints and a job loss, we are no longer able to provide boarding and proper care for her. 

Princess is the 'Steady Eddy' type with a sweet, laid back, mellow personality. She was always the go to horse for children's birthday parties, pony rides, grooming, painting, you name it. She is familiar and comfortable with large crowds, small children, walkers/wheelchairs, erratic movement, side walkers and dogs/cats, etc. She doesn't easily spook and not much rattles her. 
There's nothing she loves more than being around people and being loved on. She's patient, tolerant, and forgiving but still full of life, willing, and strives to maintain boss mare status among her herd mates. 
She has been ridden both English and Western. However she is hard to fit due to her 'stocky' nature. She is in the process of losing weight but has a ways to go. She moves out alone and enjoys leisurely trail rides. Due to her various medical conditions, she would only be suited for light riding at a walk. She is currently lame at a trot. Therefore, she is not a suitable candidate for a lesson program or therapeutic riding program.  



“ROONEY”  ( Hes Dun To Tuff APHA) (DOB 2004) Red Dun [overo] gelding. Approximately 14.2h. Very sweet and personable boy, but can occasionally be a little unpredictable. Can be head shy (had painful aural plaques in his ears as a yearling and never got over it). He responds well to a quiet and gentle manner, and was started lightly as a two year old and saw some trail riding. In 2010 he had an additional 30 training. He will need a serious refresher but has great potential.

“Atay is a 14.3 hands paint grade gelding in his mid to upper 20s. Currently not sound. Some lameness on front left. Radiographs show possible high ringbone. Currently on previcox daily. Limping is improving on Previcox. Has a lot of go for his age. Broke to ride, but needs advanced beginner to intermediate rider because he is strong willed. Great ground manners. Stands like an angel for farrier, currently has front corrective shoes on. Considering joint injections but issues in my personal life have made money tight. Has had spring shots. Will see farrier next week. Due for teeth float next month. Has lots of personality. Used to be high in pecking order although since he’s gotten older he’s backing down a bit more. Easy keeper. He’s located in Lemont Illinois. Im heart broken to give him up. I don’t know if it’s an option but if someone would be willing to retire him on their property for less than what I’m paying for board now (less than $300/month) id keep him and do that. Thank you.”

​Assisted Adoption

“Patty is a sorrel mare born 4/28/90, with the name of "Negotiable Patty", registration # 2903799 of the American Quarter Horse Association. Her markings are : star, strip, and snip. Socks on fore feet, left hind sock, right hind stocking. She was purchased by our uncle from Patrick J McMahon of Mass Quarter Horses of Dundee, Illinois on 7/3/95. 

The story on Buck, her white gelding son is only word of mouth. Uncle Bill had written on his calendar Buck's date of birth as 4/15/96. We as a family know this as a fact because (of course) we all had to drive out there to see his new pride & joy. Somewhere are pictures of him as a newborn foal. They have been pasture grazing in the summer months & hay & grain fed in the winter months. They have never been off of the property since she 1st arrived. We had Patty's teeth floated this past summer. They both have halters on but Buck is not happy about being lead around. He is a bit spirited but she is definitely the boss of them both. She has been ridden but not for probably 20 years. He has never been broke or had a bridle or saddle on him. They are both sweet horses that like to be hand fed treats. They have never been separated for even a minute.”

Contact: 309-867-2749, 630-674-7183

“MAYBELLINE”  (Sparkling In Lace APHA)  (DOB 2005)  15 h.  Sorrel [overo] mare. Limited showing in halter as a yearling. Has been saddled, but not started under saddle. Will lunge. Loads/ties/clips/bathes. Can be a tad halter shy. Responds well to quiet and gentle touch and wants to please under these conditions.

Age: +- 20 Years
Breed: Quarter Horse Mare
Height: +- 14 H
Level of training: Cutting, Reining
Health Issues: No Issues
Temperament: Friendly with All (farrier, dentist Need Shoes)
Location: South Elgin
Additional: I no longer have space to keep her and I hope she finds a loving home that willType your paragraph here.

“Handsome” (DOB 2005)  Chestnut Sabino Spotted Saddle/Racking Horse  Gelding  16h.
(Twin brother to Mariah)  Could be SSHBEA and possibly RHBAA but never sent in papers.
Was started under saddle as a five year old, but will pretty much need a restart.

Patty- 22 y/o Registered Quarter Horse "Negotiable Patty" #2903799
Was ridden on trails 20 plus years ago, otherwise was a pasture mate with Buck.

Buck (Patty's son): 20 y/o Gray Gelding, 15.2 hands
Only halter broken, but very friendly with people (has only ever been with Patty as a pasture mate).

Located in Elgin, IL, property is for sale and the owner recently died. The family left has very little horse experience and cannot keep them once the property sells.

- Princess -

Horse's location/boarding facility: 
Sugar Grove, IL (I88 and Orchard Rd.)
Horse's name: Princess (not registered)
Breed/Type: Paint grade mare (draft/quarter cross)
Age: approx. 16 y/o  
Height: 15.1 hands 
Weight: approx. 1250 lbs per recent weight tape measurement
Feet: Barefoot
Health issues:    Princess is an IR (insulin resistant) horse who is currently about 200 lbs overweight. She suffers from chronic, recurrent lameness as well as moderate osteoarthritis and a suspected old soft tissue injury in LF. Because of her conditions, she shouldn't be confined to a stall, but also needs limited access to pasture or must wear a grazing muzzle. 
Thyroid is ok, as are ACTH levels (as of 11/15)
Diet:   AM & PM: 1/2 lb of KERX ReLeve (boarding facility's house feed) mixed with 1/2 cup Omega Horseshine flaxseed, 2 oz. AniMed Remission, and 2 oz. of U-Gard pelleted supplements
2 full slow feed hay nets filled with grass only hay
No pasture turnout
Medications: 1 tab 57mg Previcox daily

Adoption of the heart

His name is AKF Knight Force, but I call him Bandit. He is a full Arab, 14.1+ hands, gelding, bay and will soon be 28 years old. He has been used strictly as a pleasure/trail horse, no showing. He would make a wonderful companion animal and could be kept with most any horse but an overly aggressive type. He has been out to pasture and rarely ridden in 14 years. He has a steady temperament and has never been a problem with the vet or farrier. He doesn't have any known health issues other than old age and the loss of most of his teeth. He will munch on grass or hay but spits it out. He needs to be kept on senior feed. I have owned him since he was a yearling. He is a sweet old boy and it breaks my heart that in retirement I can simply no longer afford to take care of him."

Located in Ottawa, IL.

All For Honour 10 year old bay mare (blaze face) Tb very healthy raced 9 times last race 5-20-12 had a bad foaling 2 years ago, not suitable for breeding. Should be sound for light riding but has not been ridden since 2012. Had an old back end injury, undiagnosed in 2012, is sound in pasture. Very active in pasture runs and plays with 3 other mares, easy to work around, has alot of energy, not suitable for beginner.

Cowboy, 20 year old Quarter horse, healthy, pasture sound, has not been ridden for about 6 years except short time at a therapeutic riding center last year, was doing fine but then got annoyed at side handlers and was sent back. Used to be 4H horse and also used as pony horse at racetrack. Was good to ride in group, did not like going out by self.Very easy keeper, has not had shoes on in years but was shod in front when was ridden. Turned out with a pony currently. Has been sound but will get a little foot sore after trimming.

Contact Sharon: 847-344-6396