"Donna is unyielding in her purpose and professionalism; she's a viable force in the national humane movement," says Dr. David Bromwell, chief veterinarian for the Bureau of Animal Welfare at the Illinois Department of Agriculture. "She's realistic toward the stewardship of animals: If you have them, take care of them. If you can't take care of them, don't have them."

"Sure, the terrible cases get the attention", veterinarian Dalitsch says; But what people don't see is the nursing, the bandaging and wrapping, the getting a horse in and out of a sling-- all the grunt work that doesn't get media coverage."

"Before Donna came onto the scene, we saw a lot more abuse and neglect of horses, and we couldn't do much about it," he says. "The veterinarians' feelings ranged from despair to rage. It was seldom a matter of economics; more often, it was ignorance. But now people know Big Sister is watching."