Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society of Barrington, IL

Championing the Humane Care of Equines and other Hooved Animals Through Legislation, Investigation, Impoundment, Rehabilitation, Education, and Community outreach


The following location will include the new permanent headquarters for HARPS and will become a model rescue and rehabilitation facility. The land use planning process is currently underway and we will be providing updates as we move forward.

A letter from Barrington Hills Farm:

Click here for the Daily Herald Article on the 75 abandoned Quarter Horses in Hampshire, IL:
-October 2014-

Donation of:
 $5 = Feed one horse for one day
 $20 = De-worm one horse
 $40 = Horse Pedicure
 $50 = Vaccinations
 $100 = Dental Work

~Hampshire Rescue Adoption Video~

HARPS of Barrington is down to the final 2 beautiful mares from the 75 abandoned halter Quarter Horses in Hampshire, IL.

 We are down to the final two mares that need a new home by the end of this week! One is 14 and the other is 18 years old. They are extremely bonded and we would like them to go to a great home together. These horses are very sweet, but have developed mistrust in the past 2 years and need an experienced owner that will have patience and work with them to overcome their fears. The adoption fee will be waived to an approved home. Please help us give these last two horses a forever home! The horses are located on a leased equine facility in Hampshire, IL. For the past two years 30 horses have been confined to their stalls with little or no turn-out, while the remaining horses were left outside in four small paddocks with insufficient shelters, excess manure, and very limited human handling. 

If you are an experienced handler and are interested in adoption of a halter broke horse (not broke under saddle) please fill out an application and send photos of your property including barn, fencing, stables, and horses you presently own to info@harpsonline.org