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-Wild Mustang Rescue-

HARPS has saved the last 7 wild foals rounded up in Nevada from being sent to Mexico to be slaughtered.

 These rescued foals are family members to Elko Dann, HARPS wild mustang ambassador that was rescued during a roundup in Elko, NV over 10 years ago. We are currently working on logistics to have the HARPS ambulance pick up the rescued foals and transport back to Illinois. We will be incurring costs for care during their 1 month of quarantine and transport back to Illinois for rehabilitation, medical care, training, and adoption. Please donate to help with their care, the more you donate the more we can save!

Elko Dann's story:

Elko Dann is a rescued, 19-year-old wild stallion from Elko, Nevada. This handsome, dark bay band stallion stands 15 hands tall. 

HARPS – based in Barrington Hills, Illinois – rescued Elko Dann after a private individual, assisted by the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM), removed him and 700 other wild horses from disputed government land. Elko was separated, along with about 50 other aged stallions, for transport to a sale frequented by slaughter buyers. 

The dramatic story of Elko Dann began in early 2003, when HARPS observers attended a controversial roundup of wild horses near Elko, Nevada. The stallion was rescued and adopted in April 2003 by Ronda Ewing, daughter of HARPS founder and president Donna Ewing.

Elko Dann is a living example of the American wild horse and what proper gentling and training can accomplish. He represents the versatility of American wild horses - he has the ability to compete in all disciplines, including the hunter/jumper arena and perform basic level dressage. His spirit shows that these wild horses cannot be forgotten.

Ronda Ewing trained Elko Dann on the beaches of Southern California after HARPS rescued him. This dominant stallion bravely stood off the round-up helicopter and refused to allow them to move his band of nine mares. For fear of injuring the horses, they were forced to send five wranglers on horseback to round up Elko and his herd of mares.

Elko seems to have found his niche in the world of domestic horses and continues to understand people more and more. He is far from the fearful, traumatized, wild animal that Ronda Ewing first knew. 

These horses have an exceptional spirit, intelligence and ability to adapt.
Elko Dann is an ambassador for the wild horses of the West that, following legislation passed in December 2004 lifting the ban on the sale of these animals for commercial gain (ie: to killer buyers), can now be sent to slaughter by the thousands. Ten-year-old horses and horses that have unsuccessfully gone through the BLM adoption program three times can now be sold for commercial gain – this applies to over 8,000 wild horses currently in captivity which are now destined for the slaughterhouse.

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