Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society

Championing the Humane Care of Equines and other Hooved Animals Through Legislation, Investigation, Impoundment, Rehabilitation, Education, and Community outreach

HARPS of Barrington has joined efforts with Hands and Hooves to re-home 75 recently abandoned registered Quarter Horses located in Hampshire, IL.

Most of the horses are halter broke and range in age from 6 to 27. The horses are located on a leased equine facility in Hampshire, IL with inadequate space for 75 horses. For the past two years, 30 horses have been confined to their stalls with little or no turn-out, while the remaining horses were left outside in four small paddocks with insufficient shelters, excess manure, and very limited human handling.

 If you are an experienced handler and are interested in adoption please fill out an application on the tab to the left.